Real estate investment is one of the wisest choices you’ll make in your lifetime. Traditionally, real estate value appreciates over time. This means that your home will likely bring in a relatively higher profit when you decide to sell it in the future.

Having your own house is already an asset, but improving this house may be the start for your future accumulation of wealth. Overtime, you’ll need some maintenance and upgrades that do not just add to the appeal of your home but to the value as well.

Conduct regular maintenance

Whether it is just as simple as power washing your window panes, to inspecting your roof for missing or damaged shingles, and having an expert look into your garage cables and springs you should take time to pay attention to what your home needs.

Planning for the daily, weekly and occasional needs of your home would not only keep your property from falling apart but would also save you the cost of making major repairs when you choose to sell it later on. This would also give the impression that the house was well-taken care of.

Improve your home ventilation

Whether you are thinking of selling your home, renting it out or simply living in it, proper ventilation should not be overlooked.

A home with bigger windows, well-positioned vents and exterior fans have a better chance of cooling your homes by expelling heated air that flows continuously throughout your household. This also prevents the accumulation of dust and allergens that may cause respiratory illnesses and asthma attacks. Plus, it also prevents moisture from the condensation of humid air that may be cause rotting of the wooden part of your homes.

Invest on landscaping

A home that is attractive on the outside as well as the inside will not only be turning heads in the neighborhood but will also increase the demand for your property. It may be as simple as planting trees to make it appear airy and light, putting shrubs and flowers for beautification, or hiring an expert to create a more intricate and ostentatious look, investing on the overall landscape of your home is a way to make your house look more expensive.

Beautify your garage

People always underestimate the need for a garage. For those who have cars, this could be just another “home” for their automobile, but for others, it can also be used as an added living space.

An extra space makes a house look relatively bigger and add luxury to it. It can be transformed into another important room depending on the need. Some re-create it into a home gym, others into some sort of a game room, a man cave and/or another guest room, a hangout space or simply a storage space. The bottom line is everyone could always use an extra space.

Beautifying your garage and re-creating its look to not just fit another car in it would expectantly raise its value. It may just be on it being squeaky clean and giving an idea that it could be another thing entirely, to calling the best garage door technician in the area and by improving the look and design of the garage door and modernizing it through remote access, it would give an impression that it is not just an underutilized space.

Secure your home

There is nothing more priceless than a secured home. Nowadays, security plays a great role on the value of a home. A home that looks easily penetrated by burglars has a relatively less market value than that with added security in it.

It pays to have your home security improved in adding value to your property. Just putting on more durable locks on your windows and doors would easily expel any attempts of force entry. You could also install CCTVs to monitor the surrounding areas of the house and secure rooms that would be possible area of compromised. These rooms include those that could easily be accessible from the outside such as rooms with balcony and your garage.

Have your garage door experts check for loose panels and garage door openers that may be point of compromise.  If you have an extra budget, also ask for possible security feature you can add. Some garage door service providers offer free check-up and cost estimates that would be to your advantage.

Remember that it pays to improve both the inside and the outside of your homes when you thinking of adding value to your homes. The outside serves as a good impression while the inside make that impression last.

5 tips to sell your home

As the interest rates are still low, and the mortgages are accessible, it’s a good time to sell your home. If you sell your home instead of taking help from the realtor, you will be able to save a lot of money. Here are some tips for you.

Consider whether you will save money


It costs about 6% of the sales price to list your home. You will save at least 3% by selling your home. But if you have priced your home below the market price, then you may not save money after all. You have to price your house right to save money.

Have good negotiation skills


The National Association of Realtors said that those people who sell their home usually get 10-20% less than those who list with Realtors. This is because many sellers don’t have the skills to negotiate. You must have good negotiation skill to get a good value for your home.

You must be honest with yourself


When a Realtor visits your home, he looks around and makes recommendations on home improvements. They give their unbiased and honest opinion because they know that if they can sell the house at a higher price; their commission will be high as well. So, if you think some fixes need to be done, fix those without hiding the faults.

You shouldn’t attach any emotions during the negotiation process


If you have emotions when selling your property, then it will be a real drawback. You should look at your home from a strictly financial perspective.

You should be willing to work hard


Selling your house can take up your time. You have to answer phone calls, show people around the houses. You have to arrange all the legal papers as well.

So, if the market is right, you are practical and do your homework, and then you can sell your home easily by yourself. But if you are not up to the task, then it’s better to hire a Realtor.

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