5 tips to sell your home

As the interest rates are still low, and the mortgages are accessible, it’s a good time to sell your home. If you sell your home instead of taking help from the realtor, you will be able to save a lot of money. Here are some tips for you.

Consider whether you will save money


It costs about 6% of the sales price to list your home. You will save at least 3% by selling your home. But if you have priced your home below the market price, then you may not save money after all. You have to price your house right to save money.

Have good negotiation skills


The National Association of Realtors said that those people who sell their home usually get 10-20% less than those who list with Realtors. This is because many sellers don’t have the skills to negotiate. You must have good negotiation skill to get a good value for your home.

You must be honest with yourself


When a Realtor visits your home, he looks around and makes recommendations on home improvements. They give their unbiased and honest opinion because they know that if they can sell the house at a higher price; their commission will be high as well. So, if you think some fixes need to be done, fix those without hiding the faults.

You shouldn’t attach any emotions during the negotiation process


If you have emotions when selling your property, then it will be a real drawback. You should look at your home from a strictly financial perspective.

You should be willing to work hard


Selling your house can take up your time. You have to answer phone calls, show people around the houses. You have to arrange all the legal papers as well.

So, if the market is right, you are practical and do your homework, and then you can sell your home easily by yourself. But if you are not up to the task, then it’s better to hire a Realtor.

Selling Infographic